Message from a Hostel – It’s on ‘me’ iPhone!

Doc's iphoneThe Manager and Nora kept reappearing in and out of the court room. The Archbishop and his cronies became more and more frightened.

The Doc and Alistair who were back in 2013 trying to sort out a new Higulator were working outside on the deck. “Doc don’t spill any of that oil on the deck or the Manager will go ballistic,” said Alastair.

As the Doc turned around to tell Al to feck off and hold the Higulator steady so he could insert the time dials – he caught a glimpse of the Manager and Nora appearing and disappearing in the garden on the exact spot where his shed used to be.

“Holy Feck Al, I’m either loosing it or I just saw the Manager and your Nora appear in the garden,” said Doc.

“Where?” asked Alistair.

“Just there Al.  I must be going feckin’ mad and starting to see things Al. That’s the feckin’ start of it, next I’ll be running for a seat on council with all the other mad feckers,” laughed Doc.

Just then the Manager and Nora reappeared for a few seconds.  “Doc you better hold me one of those seats on the council. I’m just after seeing Nora sitting on a feckin’ broom stick holding onto the Higulator with the Manager, “said Alistair.

“Quick Al. Get my iPhone from inside.”

Alistair returned from the house with the Doc’s iPhone.  The Doc set the camera on his phone to record.  The Manager and Nora reappeared and disappeared for few more times and then stopped appearing.

Alastair and the Doc waited outside for another hour or so to see if they would reappear.  “We’ll have a crowd gathering and praying in your garden Doc if the word gets out, two women kept magically appearing in your garden.  You’ll be the talk of county Meath.  They’ll come from miles to see this place, just like the moving statutes and those places in France and Portugal,” said Alistair.

“Al my man I don’t think these two were virgins.  And I’ll not be mentioning anything about two women on broom sticks appearing in my garden.  I just hope the tulips form next door didn’t see anything.

“Come inside Al and we will look at the recoding on my iPhone,” said Doc.

To be continued…..

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