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Message from a Hostel – I feel it in me waters?

ElvisWhen they reached the room, Ms. Patsy flung the door open.

“Be the holy feck,” said Nora. “It’s Elvis feckin Presley.”

“Elvis is alive, I feckin knew it!” –shouted Alistair.

“No you ijet, it’s only the room that is all decked out with Elvis memorabilia. Have a look Alistair.”

Ms. Patsy then joined in and said, “all my rooms are decorated with different themes, I have the Buddy Holly room, the Glen Millar, the Jimmy Hendrix, the John Denver and the Marlene Monroe Suite. I will let you pair get settle in and if you wish to dine with us this evening, dinner is at 7:30pm.”

Ms. Patsy headed off down the corridor and Alistair and Nora settled into their room.

“Funny how all the rooms are named after dead people,” said Alistair.

“Look at all this stuff about Elvis, all his record labels and posters. What do you think this carving on the wood means? – Don’t believe what you see – get out now while you can. They don’t seem like lyrics from any of his songs.

“Hey Nora did you see that?”

“What Alistair?”

“The eyes in that painting of Elvis on the wall over the bed, his eyes moved. I swear it Nora.”

“Alistair you are imagining things.”

“I don’t think so Nora – they did move. I’m just going to stand here till it happens again.”

“Alistair, come on, let’s go for dinner. Tomorrow we can see what the town has to offer and check out the work on the Shebeen with Mossy.”

“Something very strange going on around here Nora. Rooms named after dead people, moving eyes in the paintings, yes Nora very strange.”

“Quit your nonsense and let’s go to dinner.”

“I feel it in me waters Nora, something amiss here.”

To be continued………

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