Message from a Hostel – Grand Ole Opry

Where Music is Made

Alistair I think you me and baby bear will go to the Opry tonight – what Nora I don’t think I would like Opera singing and all that stuff, and as we are in Yankee Doodle land country music would be better to listen to.  Well Alistair the Grand Ole Opry is where all the county music is played it’s the longest running country radio show.  Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, Elvis and all the greats played here.  Oh I thought it was Opera music Nora.  So let’s go then.

Well Nora that was great entertainment, all the singers and the show was as they say here awesome.  I loved all the music and way it was a live broadcast.  The commercials were read out except for USBank, I would sack the marketing person – sending their standard corporate advert – I say get with the programme of the Opry and have it real.

I knew you would like it Alistair, well Nora and Baby Bear how about a drink at Toothies Bar. Ye haw

Never judge until you listen and learn – my friend

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