Message from a Hostel –God Save Queen

Alistair I just heard on the radio that the Queen was in Ireland all week.  Radio ga ga Radio gu gu, Nora, where were they playing?  No Alistair the Queen was visiting Dublin and did you know she is 85 years old.  I want to live forever – I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike.

They held a big dinner for her at Dublin Castle last night.  All the who’s who were there, Alistair.  Wow Nora Under pressure – another one bites the dust, Alistair I am serious it was the Queen of England not the band.

Hey Nora, all those who’s who do you think your man Joe and his Missus from three doors up were at the dinner?  Be the hooky Alistair you could be right.  I would say Nora that’s why they header off you know.

It’s great Nora the Queen visiting Ireland, fair play to her -a great Lady.

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