Message from a Hostel – From Russia with Love

    The Manager shouted out into the garden at Doc and Alistair who were still acting out scenes from James Bond movies, “listen you two, stop feckin’ around out there and go do something useful like clean your shed”

“Right away ‘M’,” replied Doc.  “Come on Alistair and help me fix my new Higulator “

The Doc and Alistair return to the shed and started working on the Doc’s new time machine the Higulator.  Alistair continued to sing, “Ding Da Da Ding Ding Da Da Ding da da Ding Ding Da Da Ding Ding, Ding Ding Ding……”

“Al my man, I have secured the transformer and power box to the shed wall and I need to secure the Higulator box to my bike before we start testing out this little baby,” said Doc Higgins. “Once we have everything secured I am sure if we make a mistake the shed won’t move and we will be okay”

“Do you not need to cycle down a hill Doc?”

“Not this time Alistair I have these training rollers here and I can just turn on this peddle motor and it will take the speed up to 55Kph and off I go.”

“Okay Dr No” replied Alistair. I’ll just watch and stay out of your way this time. Alistair tinkered around the shed singing “Ding Da Da Ding Ding Da Da Ding da da Ding Ding Da Da Ding Ding, Ding Ding Ding……” While the Doc worked on his latest time machine.

After some time had passed the Doc turned to Alistair and said, “I think I have it all sorted Al. It won’t be long before I can test this baby out.  I just have to fix a date in time and place and sort out this switch over here.  It’s important I keep the power switch off during this process Alistair.” The Doc continued to turn the dial on the Higulator.

Meanwhile, Alistair is still acting out his James Bond role. He is at the far end of the shed beside the power switch and he is talking to himself, “Dr No you evil villain I have the power and I can put your lights out.”  Alistair pulls on the switch just as Doc Higgins was turning the dials on the Higulator”.

The dials light up on the time machine and Doc turned and looked at Alistair who still had his hand on the power switch, “Holy Feck Al what are you doing?” shouted Doc.  But before he knew it there as a bright flash of light, the shed shock violently and then stopped.  “Turn the switch off Alistair,” shouted Doc.  “That was close,”.  The Doc looked at the dials and it displayed the year 1963 and Russia.

“Sorry about that Doc, I was just feckin’ around,” said Alistair.  “I’ d best leave you to it and I’ll head back to Miss Moneypenny.”

“Okay Alistair tell Nora I mean Miss Moneypenny I said Hi,” replied Doc

As Alistair opened the shed door he stepped out into an open field.  He immediately jumped back inside the shed and shouted “Oh feck Doc I think it’s happened again, you have to take a look outside your shed and I don’t think the Manager is going to be too happy this time.”

The Doc came over to Alistair and opened the shed door, “bollox Alistair. This does not look like my garden. Where the feck are we?” the Doc said in bewilderment.

To be continued…….

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