Message from a Hostel – From Russia with Love to Casino Royale

The travelling shed came to a sudden stop. Doc opened the shed door, James Bond and Alistair were right behind him peering over each shoulder.

“Holy Feck,” said Doc, “We’re in the middle of a gambling casino.”

“This is where I get off fellows,” said James, as he stepped out into the Casino. “Great machine there Doc, say thanks to Q for me.”

Doc looked at the dials on the Higulator and they read 1967, London. “Hey Al my man, guess where we are, back in feckin’ London.”

“Shall we take off Doc and leave this Bond bloke here or will we hang around for a bit of the craic?” asked Alistair.

Doc and Alistair went to the door of the shed and peered out. The casino was hopping with punters all dressed to the nines and drinking what looked like fancy cocktails. “Come on Al this could be good,” said Doc.

They both stepped out into the casino main entrance and walked towards the large gambling hall. Over the door were written the words Casino Royale.

James bond was already at one of the card tables when another gentleman sat down at the table and introduced himself. “My name is Bond, James Bond”. “Hey my name is Bond, James Bond,” came the response from across the table.

“Excuse me replied the first James Bond. Are you some sort of a parrot that repeats what I say?”

“My good man, I am James Bond 007,” James replied.  Doc and Alistair were approaching the table. “These two fine gentlemen can verify that I’m James Bond”

“My good man you can have your fun, but I am the real James Bond”

“Well,” said Doc, “this Casino Royale place is too much… for one James Bond!”

A beautiful young lady approached the table and asked, “will you two gentlemen be joining us this evening at our table” and by the way my name is Vesper Lynd.

“Great name lady, but myself and the Doc are just killing time. We have to be getting back,” replied Alistair.

“Hey Doc, surely you’ll sit in for one or two hands,” asked James.

“Hey Al, what’s the harm in one or two hand of cards,” Doc responded as he sat down at the table and introduced himself.  “My name is Doc Higgins and there is only one Higgeroney in this joint tonight.” Doc looked at the gentleman on his right who was wearing an eye patch and seemed to be surrounded by bodyguards.  “And you are?” Doc asked.

“Le Chiffre and please I would prefer not engage in chit chat,” the gentleman replied.

“Who stole his bag of sweets” said Alistair, as he squeezed in between his bodyguards.

“Your turn to place your bet Doctor Higgins,” said Vesper Lynd.

“Hey Jamesy boy, give me some of your chips” Doc asked.

“I guess I owe you for the ride in your shed,” replied James, as he pushed a large bundle of poker chips Docs way.

“I’m sure he meant a lift Doc,” laughed Alistair.

“I bet it all” said Doc.

“Hey Doc, that’s ¼ million pound you have just placed on a bet, said James”

“I know,” said Doc, “I’m betting against Mr Le feckin Chatter Box or whatever he calls himself.

“Count me out,” said the two James Bond’s at the same time, leaving the Doc and Le Chiffre as the last players.

Referring to Alistair, Le Chiffre announced in a loud tone “I would feel more comfortable Doctor Higgins if your friend standing behind me moved to your side of the table.”

“Rock on golden eye, I’ll just shimmy over here,” replied Alistair as he winked at Doc.

“1/4 million pounds into you Monsieur Le Chiffre, ” said Vesper Lynd.

The Doc held his poker face while Le Chriffe played with some chips as he was considering his next play. Le Chiffe, turned to one of  his bodyguards and whispered something to him. This caused the four bodyguards to undo their jackets which then displayed the grip handle of their concealed guns.  Both James Bonds’ shuffled closer towards the Doc and Alistair.

To be continued…..



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