Message from a Hostel – From Russia with Love to Casino Royale III

“The bet is into you Monsieur Le Chiffre, Doctor Higgins has paid to see your cards,” said Vesper Lynd.

The bodyguards shuffled behind Le Chiffre as he turned over his cards. Three Ace’s and two Jacks lay on the table in front of the Doc. “A house, Ace high,” said Le Chiffee, with a smile on his face.

There was a gasp from the watching crowd who had gathered around the table. The Doc looked closely at his cards again, with not so much as a twitch and said as he started to turn over his hand, “I’m afraid I’ve only two pair Kings and…..”

Before he could finish, Le Chiffre smiled and signalled to Vesper Lynd to move the pot of over 2 million pounds worth of poker chips across the table towards him. The Doc looked up at Vesper Lynd and continued “my two pair are Kings and Kings laying a poke of Kings out in front of the watching crowd. Le Chiffre’s face drained of blood and with that he suddenly rose out of his chair. His bodyguards reached inside their jackets for the concealed guns, but where immediately stopped by Le Chiffre with his parting words from the table, “gentlemen this is not the place with such an audience around us,” Le Chiffre left in the direction of the lounge.

“You had us all on tender hooks,” said Alistair.

Doc turned to Hig and said, “will you and the two lovely ladies cash in these chips and meet Al and I  at the front lobby. I don’t think we will have much time to hang around here. Both Le Chiffre and I know he had one of the Kings in his pocket and he will be very curious as to where I got the forth King to make up my winning poker hand.”

“Well played Doc good move,” said James Bond, “but I have a feeling we should not delay. Le Chiffre seems to be gathering his forces around us.”

Doc and Alistair followed by the two James Bond’s started to make their way to the lobby. Doc asked Al to get the Higulator started and Al moved quickly into the travelling shed. The Doc waited  just outside for the Hig, who just returned with Miss. Pussy Galore and Miss. Mary Goodnight, each lady holding a large suitcase stuffed with cash.

Suddenly, there was a rush of Le Chiffre’s bodyguards racing towards Doc with all guns firing. “Please step inside my shed ladies,” said Doc. “Hig, will you accompany them for I think we need to travel a bit in time.”

The imposter James Bond, shouted “this is my time to be the hero, you all get in this wooden shed here and I will fend them off,” as he took out his gun and started to return fire.

“Sounds good to me,” said Doc and James Bond as they both muttered ‘gobsite’ at the same time.

Once inside Doc yelled to Alistair,” started her up Al my man and as they say in Russia, mustgo.”  The shed began to shake and rattle before a bright flash of light and they were off again in time with Doc’s shed full.

To be continued………       

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