Message from a Hostel – From Russia with Love to Casino Royale II

“Quarter of million pounds into you Monsieur Le Chiffre, ” repeated Vesper Lynd.

“I’ll see Doctor Higgins quarter of million pounds and I’ll raise him quarter of million more,” replied Le Chiffre.

Doc had no more chips in front of him. James Bond said, “Sorry Doc I don’t have the approval from M to advance any more cash.”

“What about you?” Doc asked the other James Bond.

“Well as you know, I’m only a stand in Bond and I don’t have access to that amount of  cash,” he replied.

“Told you he was an imposter, what’s that word you and Alistair use all the time, Oh yes feckin’.  He is a feckin’ imposter, acting the gobshite,” said James Bond.

“Well Doctor Higgins, the stakes a little too high for you my friend,” said Le Chiffre.

The Doc raised his eye brow and shuffled in his chair as if he was going to fly across the card table towards Le Chiffre.  But out of the corner of Doc’s eye he spotted a tall, dark, elegantly dressed young man who was supporting two beautiful looking ladies, on each arm.  As he crossed the casino floor people moved out of his way like parting curtains.

“Holy Feck” cried Alistair, “look who it is, it’s the Hig.”

“Good evening Alistair my man,  good evening Doc, may I introduce myself to your friends, my name is Higgins, Joe Higgins. These two lovely ladies are Miss Pussy Galore and the lovely Miss Mary Goodnight.  I see Doc and Al you didn’t seem to travel too far from when we last meet here in London.  Looks like a large pot at stake on the table. Who’s call is it?” asked Hig.

“It’s quarter of million pound into Doctor Higgins,” replied Vesper Lynd.

“The Doc is a bit short of cash Hig and Goldeneye over there with his muscle men has Doc in for another quarter of million,” said Alistair.

“Well the Doc won’t back down, so let’s stick it to ‘one eye here’,” said Hig.  “Miss Lynd please put the quarter of million on my tab. I am sure this gentleman won’t mind where the money comes from if he thinks he has a better hand than the Doc. Just for gamesmanship let’s throw another quarter of million on the table,”.

“That’s quarter of million pounds into you Monsieur Le Chiffre,” said Vesper Lynd.

“I don’t know this gentleman Mr. Higgins but he better be able to pay up or he may have wished he stayed at home with his two lady friends,” said Le Chiffre.

The Hig smiled and winked across at the Doc.  He then moved over beside Alistair and whispered into his ear. “The Doc still has that time machine I guess. We are going to need it when the Doc turns over his cards as I don’t have a feckin’ tab in place.

“I’ll see Doctor Higgins and raise him another quarter of million,” said Le Chiffre as he pushed another quarter of million pounds worth of chips into the centre of the table.

“Spend, spend God will sent,” said Hig as he nodded at Vesper Lynd to okay the stake. At this point a large crowd had gathered around the table.  Hig leaned over to Doc and said “once this hand of cards is over and those guys behind Le Chiffre realised they may have lost their money we better get into my jam jar and use that Flux thing of yours and get the feck out of here.  Those bodyguards ‘one eye’ has behind him look like they are well armed and have faces on them like they are chewing wasps”

The Doc laughed, “no need for the jam jar Hig, I’ve a travelling shed and it’s out in the lobby,” replied Doc.

Doc called Al back over beside him and whispered, “Al go to the shed and get the Higulator ready for the off as we might be leaving this joint feckin’ lively.”

As Alistair started to leave, Le Chiffre said, “I would suggest that we all stay here until the this hand of cards is over, don’t you think Doctor Higgins.” Le Chiffre summoned one of his bodyguards to stand beside Alistair. James Bond, the Hig and the imposter James Bond also moved closer towards Alistair.

There was now over 2 million pounds on the table. “The bet is into you Monsieur Le Chiffre, Doctor Higgins has paid to see your cards,” said Vesper Lynd

To be continued………  

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