Message from a Hostel – From Russia with Love III

“So you have no weapons to fight off these Russian soldiers?  And big guy how did you know my secret service number is 007?”  James asked.  “Never mind that now,” he continued, “what’s this machine?”  As James spotted the Higulator.

“That’s our Higulator and ticket out of here, but we have no power to make it work unless you would like to cycle  the Doc’s bike up to a speed of 55Kph,” explained Alistair.

“Jamesy my man, you better peddle like a mad woman racing down a boithrin, with her knickers on fire as this feckin jeep full of Hussar’s and I don’t mean vodka, is almost here,” said Doc.

“Sure we might die another day,” laughed Alistair.

James Bond rushed passed Doc and Alistair, pulled the bonnet on his car and whipped out the battery. He ran back into the shed and attached the cables to Doc’s Higulator.

“Hey Doc, look at MacGyver over there messing with your time machine,” said Alistair.

“Hey, how does this work?” asked James.

Doc quickly ran over to the Higulator. Switched it on and turned the dials quickly just as the bullets started hitting the shed door. The battery power was enough and with a bright flash of light the shed shook violently and off in time they all went. As they started time travelling, James Bond turned to Doc and said, “Q never showed me this contraption back at HQ. What section of MI5 do you two work in?”

“I’ve never worked for anyone except myself and Al here, who is not much good with numbers so I would say he thinks M fifteen is a biscuit cake,” replied Doc.

The travelling shed came to a sudden stop. Doc opened the shed door, James Bond and Alistair were right behind him peering over each shoulder.

“Holy Feck” said Doc

To be continued…………..    

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