Message from a Hostel – From Russia with Love II

   Doc Higgins quickly closed the shed door and raced over to his bike to examine the Higulator.  Doc scratched his head and laughed out loud.  “Alistair the dial on the Higulator displays Russia, outside Moscow and the year is 1963 and we’re only back from 1965.  Looking outside the shed just now I don’t see anything except fields.  I have to figure out how the feckin’ shed travelled in time and not just my bike, Al my man, got some thinking to do.”

“Doc, are you serious that we are in Russia and back in the feckin’ year 1963,” asked Alistair.  “I‘m really in for it this time with Nora, when she finds out I’m gone travelling again.”

“Alistair, I think I know what has happened. When I attached the power box and transformer to the shed wall, the Higulator was connected and the shed travelled back in time with us inside. I have sort of created a Tardis, like Dr Who has” explained Doc.

“Dr. Who, Dr, No, Doc Higgins, just turn the dials back Doc to the year 2012 and the location of your back garden we’ll be home, before Miss Moneypenny can say, did you put the bins out, it’s Tuesday,” replied Alistair.

“Good thinking Alistair, but we have one small problem. I had the power supply plugged into the mains at my house and out here in the middle of the field we have no power. I’m not sawing the bollox off myself peddling my bike with you on the crossbar trying to reach a speed of  55Kph,” said Doc.

Alistair went over and opened the shed door again and in the distance he saw a jeep full of soldiers chasing a car which was quickly approaching the shed from across the field.

“Doc there is a feckin car racing towards us followed by a jeep full of soldiers who are firing bullets at the car. So as they say in Moscow ‘we must be Rushin,’ so get the Higulator doing something Doc and get us out of here,” shouted Alistair.

The Doc rushed over to look out the shed door, just at the same time as the car screeched to a stop inches away. With that a man jumped out of the car and pushed passed the Doc and Alistair.  As he passed he said “afternoon gentleman, my name is Bond, James Bond. I don’t suppose you have any weapons hidden around this shack?”

“James feckin’ 007 Bond me arse,” replied Doc.

To be continued……….

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