Message from a Hostel – From Russia to Love or What?

“Hig you won’t feckin believe where we have landed,” shouted Doc. “I think we are back in Russia. What do you think Bond?”

“Well with all this snow around us, it sure looks like it Doc,” replied James Bond.

“Hey Al, this is a job for you and Nora. Get shovelling out there or the Manager will be kickin’ you’re arses,” laughed Doc.

“Where the feck Doc are we?” said Hig, as he reached the door of the shed.

“It could be anywhere,” said Doc. ”Russia, Alaska, Saskatchewan, the arse hole of nowhere. It’s just all feckin’ seven dwarfs out there.  You know what I mean, snow white”

“James Bond you’re a man with all the spying gadgets, have you anything that will tell us where we are?” asked Alistair.

“I think Alistair that the time machine box that you and the Doc have is the only gadget. That ‘Higu’ thing,” replied James Bond.

In the meantime the Hig was looking around the shed opening all the cupboards. Doc have you any food stored away here. I was thinking of cooking up a good old Irish Breakfast. You know Doc, a good ‘old fry up’ for these two lovely ladies,” said Hig.

“I’m afraid not Hig. You might find the odd left over coffee crisp, but that’s about it my friend.”

“Hey Doc, look I think I saw something move out there in the snow,” said Alistair.

“I see it now Al my man. It’s getting closer towards us. I don’t feckin’ believe it. It looks like a team of feckin reindeers pulling a milk cart.  I now know where we are,” shouted Doc.

“Where! where are we,” cried Alistair.

“Ye all better get over here. You too ladies. Even if ye are naughty and nice, we are at the North feckin’ Pole and Santa Clause is on his way over to see who the feck we are” said Doc.

“This is feckin great,” said Hig.  I have a few things to sort out with him. When I was ten he brought me a feckin doll.

“Hig, you don’t seem to have done too bad since. You seem to always get the right doll,” laughed James Bond.

To be continued  

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