Message from a Hostel – Fog cleared

“Well Nora, the fog is cleared let’s move on,” said Alistair.

“Fire up the old Shebeen Alistair,” replied Nora.

With a quick turn of the key the Shebeen fired up and they were back on the road again.

“Still got a whirring sound there Alistair, must be that ‘something’ you mentioned is going around and making a whirring sound again”.

“Sure sounds like it Nora, kind of a musical sounding noise, matches the chugging movement.  I see the fog is back again”.

“Look Alistair, tumble weed, isn’t it lovely the way it tumbles across the desert out there.  Not much traffic on this road”.

“Its quiet out here except for the whirring sound and the lovely views Nora of the dancing tumble weed – there is no place like the middle of feckin nowhere.  I think it’s time for another cup of tea Nora.”

Alistair pulled off the road again to let the fog clear.

Just then in the distance there seemed to be movement along the road.  A dust trail approaching from the West.  As the vision became clearer it looked like a bunch of wild horses.  “Nora you grew up around horses, go catch a few of them,” shouted Alistair.

Nora shot out of the Shebeen like a woman with a mission and ran towards the oncoming horses.  Shouting Ye Haw and waving her arms in the air.

Nora had taken the water hoses from the Shebeen and made a lasso.  Within a few minutes Nora had the hose around the neck of a horse and was swinging herself onto it’s back.   Chasing after the herd, she managed to lasso two more and finally a forth horse.

Trotting back towards the Shebeen with four large horses, Nora was ye hawing out loud.

“Alistair we have some new horse power for the Shebeen”.

Strapping the four horses to the front of the Shebeen, they were slowly on the move again.  After several slow moving hours they arrived at the edge of a small town.

“Alistair, I don’t think we should drive these fine horses into the town.  They look quite Bolloxed from pulling the Shebeen this far,” said Nora

Alistair and Nora released the horses and locked up the Shebeen before walking the rest of the way into the town.

To be continued……

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