Message from a Hostel – Don’t Snow the Snowman

Henry VIII“Al and James, we need to convince the Archbishop that I am the King of Navan and I have influence with the Pope, so that we can find the Manager and Nora,” said the Doc.

“Influence with the Pope,” laughed Alistair.  “The last time you thought about the Pope was when your Mammy was carving the arse off a chicken.”

There was a loud knock on the door.  “Right,” says Doc.  “Don’t snow the snowman here.  Let me do all the verbal and Al, you just act like you’re my man servant and James you just … just look pretty.  Al get the door.”

Alistair muttered all the way over to the door about having to act like a man servant.  Alistair opened the door and it was the Archbishop who was standing in the hallway.  “Is your Master available to see me in his chambers,” asked Archbishop Cranmer.

Without a word Alistair turned on his heels and shouted back to the Doc.  “My great high king and master of the verbal’s, old feckin almond hat head is looking for you.  Shall I ask the plonker to step into your chambers?”

“Please do my good man,” replied the Doc.

As the Archbishop sallied into the room he looked around and said, “And where shall I sit?”

“Oh, on your arse,” Al replied sarcastically.

“Welcome Archbishop and what is on your mind,” asked the Doc.

“You say that you have important business with King Henry VIII and these matters are directly from Rome. I would like to enquire the content of these matters?”

“Well now Archbishop you can well understand that I have been instructed by Pope Clement  himself to speak directly with the King,”replied the Doc.

“We both know than that our good Pope Clement fears Charles V of France, the nephew of Queen Catherine, so I think I already know what message you bring,” replied the Archbishop as he stood up to leave.

“You may be right but I am the messenger and what message gets delivered to King Henry VIII is what I tell him and maybe it will be what he wants to hear,” stated the Doc.

“Interesting words,” responded the Archbishop.

To be continued…..

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