Message from a Hostel – Do you heed warning signs?

Life is a Risk - Have Courage

In search of the new opportunities along the Yellow Brick road Alistair and Nora have been travelling further North East into the wilderness.  This as one knows brings different creatures like bears, cougars and snakes along their way.  The Tin Man, Scare Crow and Lion are just pussy cats compared to what’s ahead.  The Yellow Brick Road has excellent warning signs for the local Munchkins such as ‘Bears have been spotted in this area’ or ‘Wild life area pay attention’ or as simple as ‘Do not enter ‘.  But do Nora and Alistair heed these signs oh no they are no local Munchkins these signs can’t be really for real.  As Nora says what do babies get but little cuddly teddy bears, surely Alistair you had a wee teddy bear when you were wee boy.  So out they go for a gentle stroll and what do they meet Oh yes one of those creatures mentioned on the WARNING SIGNS – it just walked out in front of them and strolled along the trail before them.  Munchkins walking towards the Big Bear quickly stopped in their tracks and retreated slowly backwards warning other Munchkins on route.  Quietly shouting bear ahead stay back.  After the few choice words from Nora’s mouth and then wait for it after the initial shock had gone “ah it would be nice to give it a little cuddle”.  Yes that would be nice Nora and when the bear is finished cuddling you , whatever is left of you we can post back home- replied Alistair.

As the days passed and a few more Bear sightings, gentle strolls of an evening was not really Alistair’s cup of tea although Nora was still looking for her bear hugs and cuddles.  So instead of the wilderness walks Nora and Alistair’s (more so Alistair than Nora) decided to try and stroll in locations that were closer to the busier public walking trail areas.  Only once again more warning signs but this time as they stroll along the trail across their path were moving sticks – which happened to be snakes.  As soon as one was spotted by either Alistair or Nora the following sequence of events would occur.  “Watch out” – “what” as ones heart missed a beat and ones legs quickly jump off the trail path several times as if we were playing hop scotch as the snake slid by.  Then what would follow was “Don’t do that you frightened the shit out of me”.

So the Director – (remember the self appointed Director) introduced a procedure to be followed.  So it was agreed whoever spotted on coming danger the following would be communicate in this sequence “Snake ahead watch out” or “Bear ahead watch out” and only in this sequence any variation would not be accepted.  This would clearly stop the shit been scared out of each other as they went about their gentle evening stroll.  It was also agreed while walking and if they got bored and decided to play I spy with my little eye the letters B or S could not be used.  This did leave the letter C for Cougar which both Alistair and Nora felt was fair enough as whoever spotted something beginning with the letter C would be so far away by the time they actual got to say I spy with my little eye something beginning with C as the other person would not be able to hear them.  Not to mention the Directors instruction of the agreed sequence of the warning communication.

So remember danger is always out there but once you have an agreed communication procedure – all is well

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