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Message from a Hostel – Directions

Which way do we go?

I think it’s this way Nora and if we take the next right we should be Ok, Alistair how many times have we followed your directions?, most of the time Nora and what’s your point, well Alistair how many times have we taking the wrong direction, all of the time Nora, so it is this way Alistair and it’s the next left.  I say follow your nose and let’s see where it take us, that’s all very fine Alistair but if the train station is not in that direction there is not much point is heading your way.  Ok Nora let’s go your way, but I sure it’s that way.

The Yellow Brick road is supposed to be Yellow all of the way and one just stays on the same track.  Often we get lost and have to find our way back on track in life.  As the Cat in Alice and wonderland said to Alice if you don’t know where you are going then does it matter what road you take.

Talking about roads and traffic, Nora has finally come to terms with the traffic signals and has now started to instruct the foreign tourist Munchkins with some authority into waiting for the little man to give the all clear. “Hey you stop for **** sake wait for the signal to say you can cross the road” she has been heard to shout out at disobedient Munchkins.

Alistair and Nora find it quite different living out of haversacks and having to move location every few days long the Yellow Brick road, you never really get settled.  On the the upside they are seeing new places and meeting new people.  It is amazing what one can actually live without when they let go of material things in life.  There seems to be a lot of Germans Munchkins travelling in the land of OZ mostly students, so one should skip the beach area as most of the places will be taken by the time you arrive.  Alistair and Nora stayed in a new Hostel the other night and if they could have that cat back again this time I am afraid the cat would not have survived the room sizing exercise.  Either Alistair or Nora had to leave the room when they both wanted to turn around and move something.

Anyways, I am sure we have all experienced either as a child with your parents arguing over which way to go or even now as an adult with your partner, it is a very common argument around directions.  It is one of the most frequent arguments in life  we have either internally or with those close to us, what direction do we take. Just remember those who are closes to us often know the best direction we should take, the issue is we don’t often listen to our internal self or to those who care about us.

Start listening to your inner self  – remember the phase “gut feeling”

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