Message from a Hostel –Diamonds are for Ever II

Doc's Shed

“We’re on our way Doc,” said Alistair as he released the pause button.

“Hold on Alistair what about going back to 2012 and picking up Nora and the Manager for this Vegas trip?  I know Nora would start throwing shapes if she found out we went to Lost Wages without her,” laughed Doc.

“Will we all fit Do?  The shed is feckin’ packed as we are,” replied Alistair.

“Sure we will squeeze them in Al”

“Right Doc, I’m changing the time zone and location,” said Alistair.

“No Al. Press the pause button first and then change the dials,” shouted Doc. But it was too late Alistair was turning the dials and the shed was now starting to rattle. All the tools were falling off the shelves.

“Feck this Doc it looks as if this shed is coming apart,” shouted Hig.

“Hold onto something,” cried Doc

James Bond had a hold of Miss Mary Goodnight and Miss Pussy Galore. “Hey Bond my man, I’m the man with the golden gun, so take your hands off the two tulips. They are with me,” shouted Hig.

The Higulator broke loose off the bench and started to slide across the shed floor from side to side as the shed continued to shake. “Grab the Higulator,” shouted Doc, “before it gets smashed up or we’ll all be fecked”.

As the Higulator came flying across the shed floor Alistair threw himself at it, in a sort of rugby tackle move and grabbed the Higulator just before it when crashing towards the shed wall. “Got it Doc,” he shouted.

“Al’s the man,” said Doc. “What do the dials read Al?”

“The year is 1970 Doc but it’s not Las Vegas and I can only make out the first few letters”

The shed came to sudden stop and a flash of bright light nearly blinded them all. Alistair was rubbing his eyes trying to read the dials.

Hig ended up on top of James Bond with the two ladies on top of James.”Holy feck get off me will ye,” said Hig. “Where the feck have we landed.”

James Bond was the first to the door, quickly followed by Doc and Alistair. James pushed the door open. “Now the smell will go and we might get some fresh air in here,” said Miss Mary Goodnight.

“Never mind the smell ladies. Hig you won’t feckin believe where we have landed,” shouted Doc.

To be continued……

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