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Message from a Hostel – Chaw on it for while!

Doc Higgins New Shed“Hey Doc, the shed looks great. I can’t wait to get going and find my Nora,” said Alistair.

“Well it won’t be long now Al before we are on our way. I have adjusted the Higulator to the year 1533, London,” replied the Doc. “I just need to read up a bit on this King Henry VIII chap and see what I can learn that might be helpful if we run into some trouble.”

“Sounds feckin great to me Doc. Here we go again on our time travels. What about James Bond. Will we drop him back to the 1960’s on our way or bring him with us for the craic?”

“Al, I had not thought about that yet, but before we time travel, I’ll have made my decision. I need to ‘chaw’ on it a while,” replied the Doc.

King Henry VIII had finished his court hearing for the day and requested that the court be cleared, except for the Archbishop , the Manager and Nora. “Archbishop, prey tell me, what is so important that you requested this private court hearing with these two fine ladies?. They look familiar. Have I met them before?” asked Henry VIII.

“Think careful of you answer Archbishop,” the Manager quietly said. “We are all in this together.”

“My King, I bring you Lady Catherine of Ontario and Lady Nora of the Castle Blayne. They have travelled from afar with great understanding of certain events. These events I refer to can only support your private wishes of divorce from Catherine of Aragon,” replied the Archbishop.

“How do these two ladies from afar know of any of my private wishes Archbishop?” shouted Henry VIII

Thinking on his feet the Archbishop replied “My King, Lady Catherine of Ontario will explain.”

“She may speak, I am curious of her words” answered the King.

To be continued…..

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