Message from a Hostel – Can we see the room?

Chev transmission“Might be more than a week, you could head on over to the hotel El Dorado. Tell Ms Patsy that Mossy sent ya.”

Nora and Alistair headed over to the hotel to settle in for the week.  When they arrived at the front desk Ms. Patsy was standing there with a big smile to greet them.  “Ya all looking for a room for the night,” she asked.

“Have you a room for the week, our Shebeen is over at Mossy’s getting repaired? “ replied Nora.

“Anything to serious?” she asked.

“Not sure,” said Alistair.  “He has to send away for a new part.”

“Oh! might look to see if I have a room for a month or two, it takes some time to get a part all the ways down here,” said Ms Patsy.

“A month or two” shouted Nora.

“That’s what I just said Mam, a month or two, and old Mossy isn’t the fastest mechanic in the land.

Yes I a have a room, it will be $49 per night, but if you here for the long haul I can see my way letting ye have it for $39.”

“Can we see the room?” asked Nora.

“See it, well if ye see and don’t like it, ye might be looking a long time to find accommodation in this town.”

“We will have a look first,” added Alistair.

“Ye all very picky, so follow me.”

Alistair and Nora did as they were commanded and followed Ms Patsy down a long corridor and up some old stairs.

When they reach the room, Ms Patsy flung the door open.

“Be the holy feck,” said Nora.

To be continued…….

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