Message from a Hostel – Burn this shack off the King’s Land

It was too late. The soldiers followed by the King’s Knight were already in the shed.

Nora pressed the button on the digital screen of the Higulator twice and the shed shook violently. It then stopped. It had appeared to travel but they were still in the same place.

“Well ye peasant men this incident will cost you your heads”, shouted the Kings Knight.

“We are not men”, shouted Nora. “We are ladies.  What do you think these are?” shouted Nora, “headlights?”.

Archbishop Thomas Cranmer who was among the King’s hunting party rushed through the door of the shed.

“Bow down before the Archbishop of Canterbury and hold your tongue,” shouted the Knight. Both the Manager and Nora were struck to the ground.

“This shack disappeared and reappeared. There is magic at foot here,” said Archbishop Cranmer.

“Who are these two peasants?” he asked.

“My Lord they are peasant women dressed as men,” replied the Knight.

“Make them stand up before me. They must be witches,” said the Archbishop.

As they were dragged to their feet Nora shouted, “who are your calling bitches?”

“I think he said witches,” replied the Manager.

“What is this strange tongue you speak and why are ye dressed in men’s clothing?” asked Archbishop Cranmer.

Quickly thinking on her feet the Manager spoke out. “Pray my Archbishop we are travellers from the far off continent of the North Americas”.

“The North Americas.  There is no such Kingdom on our world maps. I have never heard of such lands. ”

“Well did you ever hear of the shipping company named Columbus Cruise Liners? We travelled over on that ship,” said Nora. “Google it on the internet.”

“Nora, I think you should leave the taking to me. Columbus does not travel to America for another 63 years. I’m well sure he has never heard of Google,” said the Manager.  “I am just trying to buy us some time so we can figure out how to get out of here. If we keep your man Cranmer curious in us for long enough we may come up plan to escape.”

“I have heard enough of these babbling words from these two witches. Take them to the King’s Castle.  I will question them later. Bring that contraception with you and burn this shack off the Kings land.  I shall go and see how His Majesty King Henry VIII is doing after his fall,” said Archbishop Cranmer.

Archbishop Thomas Cranmer left the travelling shed and both the Manager and Nora were bundled out the door. One of the soldiers ripped the Higulator off the bench. Nora shouted “be careful with that piece of equipment or you will have the Doc Higgins to answer too.”

As they were both dragged away they could see the soldiers setting the Doc’s travelling shed alight.

To be continued……..

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