Message from a Hostel – Back with Bond

The travelling shed landed in the exact spot from where it had left in Doc Higgins garden. The Doc turned off the Higulator and switched all the time zone dials to zero. “Well James Bond welcome to 2013,” said Doc. “Let us invite James to taste a little of this home town offering but first you got to meet the lovely Miss Manager and Miss Nora.  Alistair I suppose you’re on your way to see Nora so we’ll see you back here in an hour.”

“Right first time Doc catch you both later,” replied Alistair as he headed out the shed door.

Alistair arrived home to his Nora.  I see your back from working in the shed with Doc, how did it go?” said Nora.  “You were working with the Doc nearly all day long.”

“Nora all feckin day, we have been away time travelling for weeks and you’ll never guess who is sitting right now having a Martini up with the Manager and Doc? The Martini is shaken not stirred, now there is a little hint for you Nora,” said Alistair.

“Let me think Alistair, is it Clarke Gable or maybe Teddy Roosevelt, no I think it must be Humphrey Bogart?

“You know your feckin Martini drinkers Nora,” replied Alistair.  “But you are not close. Think of tall dark and handsome man in a pair of swimming trunks walking out of the sea.”

It’s not Tarzan is it?” guessed Nora.

“No its not Tarzan, the only thing he had in his hand was a feckin monkey and not a Martini glass. Think of the guy who gets all the lovely looking tulips, he is always hanging out around a casino and it’s not the young Hig,” said Alistair.

“I got it Alistair and I’m just off to get myself ready for Mr. James Feckin Bond,” shouted Nora with great excitement.  “I hope it’s either Sean or Daniel”.  As she rushed off to put on the war paint.

“It’s the one and only original 007,” replied Alistair.

To be continued…….

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