Message from a Hostel – Back to the Future 3

Long Distance Please

I will just set the time back to December 2011 and get back home, thought Alistair.  The fecking buttons won’t work on this flux whatever Doc Higgins called it.  How the heck am I going to get back to 2011, wondered Alistair. Doc Higgins is back in his den examining the drawings of his invention the flux capacitor. What the hell do I do now it took me a year to make this time box and I don’t even know where or what year Alistair went to, I am the master of my own disaster, stated Doc.

I have it Alistair, shouted out loud, I’ll find  Doc Higgins here in 1965 and get him to fix this blasted flux time thing.  Alistair remembered that the Doc had told him that he was from Ireland, some town called Navan.  There can’t be that many Doc Higgins living in Ireland Alistair thought to himself.  Alistair headed off in search of a phone box to call the Doc in Ireland.

Hello is this the Higgins house hold, asked Alistair. Yes it is replied a man with a little squeaky voice,Michael D here and you are you.  My name is Alistair I looking for the Doc Higgins is he there.  Oh that’s the other side of the family and we don’t have much to do with that lot, said the squeaky little voice.  Can you help me make contact with the Doc Higgins? asked Alistair. What do you want that good for nothing long haired lad for replied the voice on the other end of the phone. Well you see the Doc has invented a time machine and I need to talk to him about it, replied Alistair.  Loud laughter came from the other end of the phone, invented a time machine that fellow well that’s the best I have heard all year laughed Michael D.  The last I heard from that side of the family was, that lankie fecker was gone out foreign.  Do you happen to know where out foreign he may have gone, asked Alistair. Somewhere in England or Sweden I think, up to no good I would say, invented something well that’s a good one Michael D continued to laugh as he hung up the line.

England thought Alistair that’s great as I am in London. Now where would I start looking for the Doc in England?  I’ll try the Irish singing Bars thought Alistair.

Meanwhile back in 2011 Nora call over to see the Doc. Doc have you found my Alistair yet, asked Nora.  Well you see Nora it’s not as easy as it seems Alistair could be anywhere and in any time zone I just have to work out where replied the Doc.  Do you think you might be able  work out where he is before the bloody rent is due, asked Nora.

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