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Message from a Hostel – Back to the Future 9

Letter for Doc Higgins

Nora it’s great news, this letter was delivered this morning and the postman just said, I know we might be late with delivering post but this takes the biscuit.  It’s a letter from Alistair and the post mark reads London 1965, said Doc. Feckin 1965 Doc, I wasn’t even born then, what does it say? asked Nora.  Let me read it to you Nora, replied Doc Higgins.

Dear Doc Higgins

You fecking ijet I am stuck here in 1965 with this lankie long hair younger you that plays in a showband, backs women and rides horses (maybe I got that backwards). The Doc here in 1965 has no fecking idea of a flux capacitor, talks in riddles, the Ben Lang and I have no hope in getting back to my Nora unless you come and get me Doc. Although to give the Hig as they call you here in 1965 credit, he did come up with the idea of sending you this letter. By the way your bike and the Flux Capacitor are rightly knackered.

I am staying on Hatchard Road in North London and I will go to the Gresham Ballroom every night till you come for me. If you don’t come for me and I am unfortunate to end up here with the younger you I‘ll do my best to make something out of him.  I know that this may change the future but so be it, I will have to learn the lingo here from the Hig .

By the way Doc I know it will not come as a surprise but your younger you is convinced that he is going to be the President of Ireland.

Regards your friend


PS Your younger you says to tell youWay to go Joey, way to go my man.


Now Doc what are you going to do now, asked Nora. Well Nora my girl I am going to go get Alistair back, all I have to do is work out how I built the first Flux Capacitor and I’ m on my way, replied Doc Higgins. There is one catch though Nora I can’t meet my own self in 1965 as this could change the future and we would be all be fecked, said Doc. Well Doc you can put a cross bar on your new bike contraption with your new Flux Capacitor cause I’m feckin going with you, said Nora.

Nora, I have tested this three times……to be continued….

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