Message from a Hostel – Back to the Future 8

Return to Sender

Hey my man Al, you’re good with the old Bag of Chips – that’s a lot of Bugs Bunny you have put my way, said Hig. Yes Doc, but what about the Flux Capacitor you invented, asked Alistair. Listen my man Al, you said it was in 2011 right, so I have lots of time to think about it, replied the Doc.  Alistair thought to himself this isn’t going to work with this Doc from 1965 so he better come up with alternative plan.

Just then the Hig shouts out, hey Alistair my man if the old me is in the future and I have invented this Flux whatever you feckin call it, then as the song goes Return to Sender. I don’t get what you mean Doc, said Alistair. A letter Al my man, a letter. If I send myself a letter today to be delivered in the year 2011 than that me can read it and come and can get you with his feckin Flux yokie ma bob and I can get on with my singing career and a few more wins on the old nags, said Doc. That’s pure genius Doc, said Alistair. I don’t just have pretty Fillet of Plaice , I got the brains to make the gains Al my man, replied Doc.

As Alistair addressed the letter to the Doc Higgins in Canada the Doc asked, do I really live in Canada in 2011 Alistair. Yes Doc you do and you’re a dude with an attitude as they say, replied Alistair. What about the tulips Alistair, asked Higgins as he seemed to get more interested in his future self. You’re a man about town with your cool chick Doc, but its dangerous to say too much about the future as one never knows what it brings but I can say this Doc, there is a guy called Higgins who is President of Ireland, said Alistair. Wait till I tell the lads in the band I am leaving because I going to be the feckin President of Ireland, have to fly now Al see you later in the Gresham, shouted Doc as he raced up the street with his pockets filled with Bugs Bunny.  Hey Doc, I just said a guy called Higgins not meaning you Doc, Alistair yelled after him. But it was too late as the Doc was well out of hearing range.

Now all I have to do is wait for the Doc Higgins in 2011 to get the letter and come and bring me home, sighed Alistair.

Nora it’s great news….to be continued….

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