Message from a Hostel – Back to the Future 6

Doc can you just imagine for a few minutes, that I have come here from the future to your time 1965 and you were the cause of this crazy event happening, said Alistair. Will you please put me down you are choking me Doc, cried Alistair. Anymore of your cock & bull story and blaming me for you arriving here, Al my man and I’ll stuff your feckin Tardis phone box you know where shouted, Doc Higgins. Listen good Al my man, you will be landing on the moon along before any of those Russians or American space race feckin ejits, yelled Higgins. Gobshits are one thing but feckin ejits waste my time, said Doc Higgins. Doc, Doc please hear me out, cried Alistair. Stop calling me Doc you little bollox, replied Higgins. Listen said Alistair, as he continued trying to convince the Doc Higgins about his invention.

Does the word Flux mean anything to you, asked Alistair. Flux replied the Doc, that’s some kind of Faith & Hope you feckin ejit. What is Faith & Hope Doc, asked Alistair. Faith & Hope my man is what you wash yourself with, soap Al baby soap, replied Doc Higgins. No that’s Lux Doc oh! sorry I meant Hig, replied Alistair in fear of getting choked again or feck out the window. Alistair was desperate at this point trying to work out how he could convince the Doc that he was from the future and in the year 2011 with the Doc’s time machine he arrived in 1965.

Ok the gear is in the Van and as they say in the hills of Connemara let’s get the flock out of here, shouted the Doc as he stood up to leave. Hey Jimmy the Doc shouted, you and the other Garden Tools here can Rabbit and Pork on with future man Mr. George feckin Orwell here.

As the Doc was leaving Alistair shouted after him, put all your shillings on Jay Trump to win in the Grand National on Saturday….

Hey Hig my man what has you in here today? …. To be continued ………

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