Message from a Hostel – Back to the Future 5

Ask the Audience

When the Doc came into the bar he shouted towards Alistair “are you still here”, and ordered a pint from  Jimmy the Cockney Barman. I am replied Alistair, I was just chatting to a few guys here, the two fellows with the beards from Dublin and that little fellow over there called Boyer. I just mentioned the word Hucklebuck to him and he got all excited about it.  Look at him over there Doc scribbling away.

So who are you and what do you want with me, asked Higgins. Well you might find this hard to believe but I’m from the future, replied Alistair. Hey Jimmy what the feck has this gobshit been drinking, shouted the Doc. Nothing Hig he has just had the one pint, replied Jimmy the Barman. Listen here you little bollox Alistair or Al or whatever your feckin called, do I look as if I fell off Nelson’s Pillar and landed on my feckin head? said Higgins. Oh! The Pillar that won’t be there much longer, replied Alistair. I have heard it all now, said Higgins I’ll feck you and your mystic ball if you have one out this feckin window back to where every the feck you came from.  No listen Doc please hear me out I can prove it to you, just give me half an hour of you time, pleaded Alistair. As soon as the boys have the gear loaded in the Van I’m out of here so you have until then Doctor Who, replied Higgins.

Meanwhile back in 2011 the Doc Higgins is working furiously to try and recreate a new flux capacitor so that he might be able to establish where and what year Alistair went to. Doc this is getting very very worrying, said Nora, Alistair might be in some serious shit where ever he is. Nora girl I am trying my feckin best to work things out here and all I hope is that Alistair will have gone back in time and not forward, replied the Doc. Why so Doc, asked Nora. Well if he is gone forward in time we may not be here or Alistair is talking to us in a different new time zone. It would be better if Alistair is gone back in time so he can send us some kind of message that could arrive in the next few hours or days to let us know where he is. Ah! Doc sure it would take Alistair months to figure that out, he still gets confused trying to understand that when they ask the audience on Who Wants to be a Millionaire he thinks that it is only those with surnames that begin with the letters A -B-C-D that can press the button.

Ok Doc just imagine this for a few minutes…… be continued….

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