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Message from a Hostel – Back to the Future 4

Found the Dude with the Attitude

This looks like a good place to start looking for the Doc,the Gresham Ballroom Holloway Road. Once inside Alistair suddenly came to the realisation that the Doc would not even know him and the Doc would look over 40 years younger.  Oh!  Feck thought Alistair what will I do now. Alistair noticed that he was getting some strange looks from the people in the ballroom. Where did you get your crazy clobber asked one guy – your tin of fruit man he continued to enquire. My cloths replied Alistair, ye man your gear the guy asked again. Oh! I got them in one of those new stores on Carnaby Street, Alistair replied. Alistair asked the guy, do you know a man called Doc Higgins?  No was the replied, but I do know Hig the crazy screaming wolf man.  I don’t think that would be the same guy I am looking for, said Alistair.

Alistair continued to look around the ballroom.  Just then Alistair spotted this tall long haired guy on the stage setting up some sound equipment. As Alistair approached him, Alistair was getting more excited as he seemed to look like a younger version of the Doc Higgins.  Excuse me by any chance do you know a guy called Higgins from Navan in Ireland, who wants to know came the replied. Alistair thought to himself for a second on how he would replied to this question. Well you see I am a friend of his uncle in Canada, said Alistair. Higgins does not have a uncle in Canada replied the guy on stage. So how do you know that Alistair asked. I’m the Hig the crazy screaming wolf man – H-o-w-l awoooo. Great shouted Alistair, I knew it was you Doc, I need to talk with you immediately.  Hey man I am busy guy here come back when the show is over, I have some grooving and movin to do here, said Higgins. Sure thing Doc I’ll wait till you are finished your show tonight guess I’ll see you back in the Bar, said Alistair. Who are you referring to man I am no Doc I’m the crazy screaming wolf man – H-o-w-l awoooo.

While sitting in the bar Alistair met another guy having a pint and he struck up a conversation with him. So you are called Ronnie and you play with a Band from Dublin, said Alistair. I am just waiting till Doc Higgins finishes his gig on stage Alistair continued. That’s those mulchies lads in the Boston Showband, said Ronnie. Yes replied Alistair the big lankie lad singing is a friend of mine. Listen Ronnie said Alistair, I have this tune in my head that goes like this  As I went home on Monday night as drunk as drunk could be…………..7 verses later, the final line Ronnie is  But should hair on a tin whistle I never saw before.  I called it seven drunken nights.  What did you think of that song Ronnie, asked Alistair.  Hey Luke can you come over here for a minute and meet Alistair a new pal of mine, shouted Ronnie.  Can you sing that song again Alistair for my mate Luke here, asked Ronnie. Sure thing Ronnie, As I went Home on Monday night…….

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