Message from a Hostel – Back to the Future 21

It better involve getting back to the future, replied Nora, I’m not hanging around with ye lot much longer. It does Nora and I have decided that me and myself the Hig are going back to the future, said Doc. What, you are feckin mad Doc, taking Hig back with us, replied Alistair. Listen here Doc think about it, there is no way it will work. It would not be fair on Hig to travel 46 years into the future. He will miss all the years in between, said Alistair. What the feck will all your friends do when they see two Higgins, it’s bad enough with the one Higgins in 2012. Al my man, I have made up my mind its happening, I’m doing it, said Doc. Sure it will be great Al, it will get me out of here, said Hig. Ok Doc it’s your decision, said Alistair.

Doc, let’s start to make our way home, where is the Flux Capacitor, asked Alistair. To get us all back to the future our bicycles will not do this time, we will need a car, said Doc. That’s where I come in we can use my Jam Jar, said Hig. I’ll go and get my Jam Jar, said Hig with great excitement. I’ll come with you Hig, Doc and Nora can stay here to get all things ready, said Alistair. Nora, you can hold the Flux Capacitor out the window to pick up the wind speed, said Doc.

On the way to get the car Alistair spoke with Hig. Coming back with us will not work Hig and you will miss out on all of the things that Doc got up to over the years. Hig you can have the same experiences but if you come back with us now you will lose all those years of joy. Hig, the Doc has great stories about how he got to where he is today. This is your life to live please don’t miss out on these adventures and learning, pleaded Alistair. Alistair, you are talking sense, sure I am feckin Hot Stuff in the music business now, why would I leave these swinging sixties for future land, said Hig. Doc will be disappointed if I don’t go with him or go with myself I should say, Hig laughed. Don’t mention this to Doc till the last minute; you know how stubborn the Doc would be once he has an idea in his head, said Alistair.

When Hig and Alistair arrived back in the MM Sports 1000 (Morris Minor) both Doc and Nora were ready to go. Will this reach 88Km per hour, asked Doc. We will need to find a hill in London to race down that will get us over 88Km, replied Hig. They all piled into Hig’s Jam Jar. Nora and Alistair in the back and Hig and Doc in the front. Hig drove out to Shooter’s Hill, south London so they could get a good speed on the Flux Capicitor. Just as they arrived on the brow of the hill Hig’s car stalled. What’s happened now, asked Doc. I will need to get out and push the feckin heap of junk to get it started again. Doc, you will have to drive, said Hig. I’ll push and when it starts I will jump back in the passenger side and away we go, said Hig. Listen Hig, we will only have one go at this once we get going we can’t stop, said Doc. I have set the location and date for  as you asked for, Al my man. Nora pulled a piece of paper out of her pocket with several numbers written on it and kissed it. What are those numbers, is that someone’s phone number, asked Alistair. No replied Nora, it’s much better than that Alistair but you will have to wait and see.

Right, said Hig are you ready to go as he started to push the car from the back. Hold out the Flux Nora, shouted Doc and he gave the thumbs up to Hig. Hig started to push the car over the brow of the hill and it started to pick up speed. Jump in Hig, shouted Doc as they took off down the hill. Hig ran to beside the open passenger door and shouted, I’m not coming Doc, I want to live my life you crazy old Jam Tart. Your life sounds amazing and I can’t wait to turn out to be one crazy dude. I want to experience the journey getting there, maybe you’ll be back again Doc, said Hig., Bye Al, my man lovely knowing you and mind Nora, she’s a great girl, said Hig. Get in you feckin ijet, shouted Doc. Hig slammed the door closed, smiled and waved good bye as the car picked up greater speed down the hill. Doc could see Hig out the back window laughing and waving good bye to him. Suddenly 88km hit the speed clock and with a puff of smoke, flash of light Doc, Alistair and Nora where gone.

To be continued

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