Message from a Hostel – Back to the Future 20

Knock Knock

Let’s go and see if we can find them Nora, said Hig. I’ll bring the Jam Jar to the front of the Court House. I have a feeling they will have gone back to the Cat and Mouse Al was staying in, so we’ll check there first Nora, said Hig

Feckin lucky there Al my man, said Doc, Harry the Liar would have had us hung  in that court room. I would say the only law he studied was Murphy’s Law and the only solicitoring he did was inside a Pub. Let’s try and fine Nora and get the feck back to 2011. It will be 2012 by now, said Alistair. Yes we can go back to 2011 and live the days again we missed, replied Doc. Great Doc can we go back to the 19th December 2011 there is somewhere I need to avoid going. Sure Al my Man you name the time and place, said Doc.

I would suggest we head back to the house I was staying in. I am sure Nora will go there to look for us, replied Alistair. Hig and Nora arrived at the house, knock, knock, who’s there said Alistair, it’s Hig and Nora came the reply. Hig and Nora who, said Alistair, Hig and Nora who will break this fecking door down if you don’t let us in Al my man, replied Hig.  Alistair  shouted, Hig you can’t come in. The Doc is in here and I don’t want you to meet each other. Listen Al my man, said Hig, that’s a load of Bolloxology sure I often meet myself on the way back. Alistair you open this door or I’ll have more to say, demanded Nora. Alistair opened the door and as Nora passed she said, you and Doc got yourselves in this fine mess, you’re not getting out of my sight again (and where did hide my Valentine Card). Wait here Hig I’ll check with the Doc, requested Alistair. Quick Doc let us all slip out the back door, Hig is at the front door wanting to come and meet you, said Alistair. Sure what harm could that do meeting myself. As the saying goes I often meet myself on the way back, said Doc. That’s exactly what Hig is just after saying, replied Alistair.

I’ll tell you what to do Alistair just in case there could be an issue you and Nora stay in this room and I’ll go into the next room and then you can send myself in if you get my drift, siad Doc. Alistair went and got Hig at the front door. Ok Hig the Doc is in there and he will see you, said Alistair. Hig entered the room and within seconds the feckin cursing, roars of hooting and laughing that was coming from the room could be heard for miles. Do you hear that Nora, said Alistair now we have twice the trouble on our hands with trying to control the young Hig and himself the Doc.

The Hig and Doc spent several hours talking and laughing and then they both appeared from the room. Listen Alistair and Nora both of me  and have decided what we are going to do next.

It better involve getting back to the future, replied Nora…. to be continued

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