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Message from a Hostel back to the Future 2

Where am I ?

Hi Nora, I just called over to say that Alistair might be gone for a while till I can figure things out. What do you mean Doc? Well Nora the last I saw of Alistair was he was peddling like hell down Knox Mountain on my bicycle.   Nora there was this great flash and a puff of smoke and wush Alistair vanished into another time zone.  Have you been at the red wine again Doc Higgins? asks Nora.  No Nora, you see Alistair was helping me with my new time machine and he just took off down the hill screaming and shouting and pushing all the button on the fecking flux capacitor. What the feck is a flux capacitor Doc not another one of your hair brain ideas. Nora it is a time device and if you set the buttons to a specific time, location and reach a speed of 88km you will take off to that new time zone.

So where the feck did Alistair get to Doc? Well you see Nora I don’t really know as he was screaming and pushing the buttons so fast he could be anywhere at any time zone. Well you better find him Doc and tell him his dinner will be on the table in 20 minutes.

Alistair wakes up on the ground a bite dazed and unsure. Oh! my fecking head and arm hurts, said Alistair. Doc Higgins bike is knackered, what the hell is he going to do once he gets down here to me.  The old fart will be mad after he runs down the mountain and sees his new bike all busted up.  Wait a minute says Alistair, this does not look like the bottom of Knox Mountain. Where the hell am I ? he asks himself.  Alistair remembers about the flux capacitor a,  Oh! feck it says 1965 and I am in London. What is Nora going say when I get back, Oh! wait sure Nora is not even born yet.  Where am I going to find the Doc to get me out of here and back to the future?

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