Message from a Hostel – Back to the Future 15

Finsbury PC Shop,Evening All

Up at the front of the stage Nora was yelling, Hig, Hig, the Doc and Alistair have been taken away by the police. When the Hig was finished his song he noticed Nora trying to get his attention and fending off the men seeking to get her to dance. The Hig grabbed Nora up onto the stage.  Nora kept shouting “the Doc and my Alistair have been taken by the Police”. Calm down Nora, said Hig. We have just finished the set and the stage will revolve to let the next band on so we can chat then Nora. When the band was back stage, Hig ask the lads in the band when they came back from their milk and sandwich break to play a few instrumentals so that he would have time to find out what happened to Al and Doc.

I ‘m really worried Hig, I don’t know what happened and where the Police have taken them. They have no identification papers on them, said Nora. Clam down Nora and tell me what happened, said Hig. The three of us were all leaving the Ballroom floor when the next thing the Doc was dragging three guys with him out the front door, said Nora. Then all of a sudden the bouncers were on top of Doc and my Alistair was in the middle of it all. Next thing I saw the Police were throwing both of them into the back of a Paddy Wagon.

What about the three guys the Doc and Alistair were fighting, asked Hig what happened to them. I think they ran off, replied Nora. Did you see what they looked like, asked Hig. Well said Nora, it happened so quickly, they sounded English and one guy had a scar across his nose, said Nora. Were the other two like Laurel and Hardy, one fat bloke and one skinny lad, asked Hig, Yes, Yes, replied Nora.

Feckin great, said Hig the three stooges from Liverpool are back in town. Do you know them Hig, asked Nora. Well Nora my girl let us say, when you look into these guys eyes there is nobody driving, I had a run in with them a year back at another gig, said Hig. Lets not worry about these guys Nora. Lets try and find out where they took the Doc and Al first said Hig.

Jimmy, what Peelers Lollipop do they take guys to when there is trouble in the hall, asked Hig. Finsbury’s Park Hig, they are a tuff lot down there. Will I get them on the Dog and Bone, asked Jimmy. No Jimmy, I think I might have to take a trip down there to see future man so say nothing till you hear more, said Hig

Ok Nora, after the gig I’ll bring my Jam Jar around the front and we will go and see what trouble Twiddle De and Twiddle Dum are in. By the way Nora I had you feckin sussed from the get go, did Al tell you, asked Hig

Name and address, asked the Police Officer on the front desk….. to be continued…

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