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The Savvy Child Within You - Become successful in your life and business using the forgotten childhood wisdom. Why is that when we enter the world of business we lose the inner wisdom of the child within us. The laughter, curiosity, honesty and the willingness to play together. Learn how to find that child and continue always to seek its wisdom and truth so that you can bring the inner child qualities into your personal life and business world.

Into Me I See
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A new poetry book composed by Mel Clifford & Emily Elzbeth.
Discover rarely seen inner worlds within this little treasure of poetry and photography. Each selection is vulnerably presented in its raw state freshly drawn from the soul of each author.

Changing the Way I Am
Second book of poetry composed by Mel Clifford. Additional poems kindly provided with the permission of the authors. Poems written from four generations of family poets. Kindle eBook on Amazon ONLY

The Adventures of Doc Higgins – The True Story of King Henry VIII
The second book in the series of The Adventures of Doc Higgins and his time travel invention, 'the Higulator'. Have the Craic when Doc meets King Henry VIII with the Manager and sets up the plan for getting his new wife.

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The Adventures of Doc Higgins
The tale of Doc Higgins and his time travel invention. How does the famous Doc plan to bring Alistair back from 1965 to his Nora?

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Poetry Just for You
Selection of Poetry composed by Mel Clifford. Additional poems kindly provided with the permission of the authors.

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March 2023


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Message from a Hostel – Back to the Future 14

Paddy Wagon

Doc, shouted Alistair as he went off down the dance floor after Hig. Hold up there a minute called Alistair, still trying to get the young Doc’s attention. What’s on your mind Al my man, asked the Hig. I am just coming to say goodbye Hig I am going back to the future tonight. Has the old me arrived Al, is he here, asked Hig with great excitement. I want to meet the old codger, said Hig. Listen Hig you can’t meet Doc, for if you both meet it could alter the future and we would all be fecked up, said Alistair. Ah sure feck it Al what will be will be, let’s just meet the old Jam Tart, where is he, asked Hig. No Hig, said Alistair it’s not possible but listen Hig I’ll get him to stand at the end of the ballroom and you can’t see him from the stage. Ok Al my man sounds good to me, replied Hig

Al, that twist and twirl in the Bar I was chatting with called Nora she is your bird from 2011, I’m on the money there right, said Hig. Yes, replied Alistair that’s my Nora, you are always on the money Hig. Hey shes’a looker Al, nice fillet of plaice. Al what’s my bird like in the future land? She is the business Doc a real classy lookin lady, replied Alistair.  Wow Al that rocks my world, said Hig. I am going to miss you my China Plate, said Hig and tell Nora I had her feckin sussed from the get go. No worries Hig, sure we will catch up for a pint in the future, replied Alistair. I’ll be there, shouted Hig as he turned and went behind the stage.

Alistair made his way to the front entrance to meet up with Doc and Nora. When he arrived they were nowhere to be found. Alistair then returned to the Bar where he saw Nora and Doc in full swing chatting to Jimmy the Barman. For feck sake Doc, we agreed to meet at the front door and get on our journey, said Alistair. Well hello to you too, said Nora, fecking missing for the last few days and not even a kiss, hug or a how’s your father. Oh sorry Nora I am just uptight about us getting out of here before the Doc and his younger self bump into each other, replied Alistair. Jimmy tells me that you have being holding court here most nights with what he calls the usual Cabin Cruisers. Filling their heads with all sorts of stuff about the future, said Nora. Only a few little hints Nora, just about Google, X Factor, Neil Armstrong, Lotto and Big Brother, just harmless stuff.  . When I told them that Ireland would qualify for the World Cup it was at that point they all laughed and would not take me seriously, said Alistair,

Doc let’s all get going, said Alistair . Well Jimmy nice talking to you my man, said Doc. Mr Higgins the Hig is the image of you and I am sure he is delighted you have come to see him perform, said Jimmy. I am very proud of myself, I mean young Joey, said Doc. He will turn out OK despite his long hair and scruffy look, he’ll do good, said Doc.

As the Doc, Alistair and Nora were crossing the back of the Ballroom towards the main door, Alistair over heard three guys say “as soon as that big Irish Paddy they call the Hig gets off that stage we are going to f**kin do him”. But it was too late the Doc heard the same discussion and before Alistair and Nora knew it, the Doc was dragging the three of them across the dance floor. The Doc managed to throw two of them out onto the street and as he was just about to grab a hold of the other guy to do the same about 5 big feckin bouncers jumped on the Doc. As Nora and Alistair tried to rescue the Doc and explain what happened nobody was listening. Before they knew it the Doc and Alistair were being fecked into the back of a Paddy Wagon which was located just outside the main door. Nora quickly managed to sneak back into the on looking crowd without being noticed.

Hig, Hig, cried Nora up at the front of the stage Doc and Alistair have been arrested…….. to be continued   

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