Message from a Hostel – Back to the Future 12

On Stage This Saturday

Hi Hig, big crowd in tonight, said Jimmy the Barman, lots of nice looking Mother of Pearls. Get you a large philharmonic, asked Jimmy.  Sure, replied Hig we are not on stage until midnight. How’s that Artful Dodger or future man who you are hanging around with these days, enquired Jimmy. Look here Jimmy my man, old Al is not the worse, if I left him here on his own they would all think he was Radio Rental, replied the Hig.  That would make two of your you, said Jimmy. Less of the North and South Jimmy, I am just a little on edge as I am might meet someone I know later tonight, replied Hig

Doc Higgins and Nora walked into the Gresham Ballroom and mingled straight into the crowd so that they could keep a low profile. The Boston Showband are playing here tonight it will be great to see the young you, said Nora. Just you keep away from the young me, replied Doc. With that Nora was dragged onto the dance floor by some big culchie from Monaghan. Doc then lost sight of Nora and started to make his way closer to the stage.

As Nora was looking around the dance hall for the Doc Higgins, who did she spot except the Hig. Hello, said Nora by any chance are you the front guy in the Boston Showband, asked Nora. Nice fillet of plaice thought Hig to himself, not seen you her before, let’s have a Jack Palance, said Hig What the feck sort of talk is that, I did not understand one word you said, replied Nora. Oh! Sorry so you’re not from around here, enquired Hig.

As Nora and the Hig where in conversation, the Doc spotted Alistair close by the Bar and made his way there. Thank God it’s you Doc, said Alistair as they embraced. Let’s get the feck out of here, said Alistair.  Hold your horses replied Doc, Nora is somewhere on the dance floor. Nora, what the feck is Nora doing here Doc, shouted Alistair. Now Alistair you must understand when you went back to the future Nora lost the feckin plot and she would not let me come back without her, surely you know what she is like, said Doc Higgins.  Well let’s find her and get going so we can all get home to 2011, replied Alistair.  That might be a bit of a challenge Doc thought to himself.

Hig, I thought I just saw your Dad talking with future Man, who’s the new twist and twirl with you? said Jimmy as they entered the Bar. I’ll have a large philharmonic and what will you have to drink Nora ? asked Hig. Jimmy my man where did you said you saw Al, asked Hig. Alistair, shouted Nora out loud with excitement.

Hey Nora how do you know Alistair, asked the Hig …… be continued…..

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