Message from a Hostel – Back to the Future 10

All Downhill From Here

Nora, I have tested this three times and I think I have got it, said Doc Higgins. Is this the new Flux Capacitor Doc?, asked Nora. Yes replied Doc with great excitement. All I have to do now is get a new bike sorted and pick up a few things for the journey and I am off to find Alistair. Hey Doc we are off, I’m not letting you and Alistair out of my sight again. I don’t trust you two will stay out of trouble, said Nora.  Nora my girl once we have found Alistair in London in 1965 staying out of trouble will not be our problem, three of us on the bike to get back to here is the issue, replied Doc.

Meantime back in 1965 – Hey Al my man, you think the future me has got the letter yet, asked Hig. I sure hope so, if he did he knows where I am and in what year.  The you in the future just has to work out what day to arrive here, replied Alistair. Well Al my man, I am ,going along with this just because you seem like a nice dude and I would not like to see you in the Flying Kite if you get my drift, said Hig. Not to mention that you’re great with the old Bag of Chips on the nags. Alistair what were those names you were telling me down the Battle Cruiser, something about feckin Google and Factor X stuff?, asked Doc. When the future you arrives which I am confident he will I will leave you a list of things that you might want to consider for your future, replied Alistair. Sure Al I’m going to be the President of Ireland, said Hig. Oh! that’s something I need to clear up with you Doc. That guy is called Michael D, replied Alistair. They are the feckin other side of the Higgins from Galway, I should have known that they would weasel themselves into the house in the park, replied Hig.

Right Nora, get yourself ready we will be leaving in an hour, look for something to wear that won’t stand out in 1965, said Doc Higgins. Now all I have to do is set up the Flux Capacitor for London 1965, Doc muttered to himself. As the Doc was sorting out the bike and attaching the new Flux Nora headed off to get ready for the journey back into 1965.

Hey Doc how does this look on me, will it work for rock & roll 60’s, asked Nora. Lululemon girl it will have to do as we have to get on our way Nora, replied Doc. The Doc Higgins and Nora made their way to the top of Knox Mountain.

Hold on tight Nora….to be continued…..

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