Message from a Hostel – Back to the Future 1

Nora I am just off to see Doc Higgins, he wants me to help him try out some new invention he has developed. What invention Alistair? I’m not too sure Nora, see you later and I will let you know after I help the Doc.

Hey Doc how is it going? Hi Alistair, look at my flux capacitor. This is going to be very exciting. What does it do Doc?. Well Alistair this is what I call “the business” ,this little box will take you anywhere in time.  Like a time machine, Doc? Got it in one Alistair… got it in one my friend.  You see Alistair I will attach this to my bicycle and race downhill and once I reach 88Km per hour ……WOW I take off into time.

Alistair, help me push the bike up Knox mountain and we will test this little baby out.  Doc, how do you set the future or past time?  Just right here Alistair…. see these numbers on the flux capacitor you set the time date and location. Don’t touch them yet I will only set them for 5 minutes until we experience what happens.  What about all these weights you have hanging off the bike Doc?. Well you see Alistair as you start going down the mountain they make it go faster.  The weights makes it quite difficult to hold the bike from running away on you down the hill Doc.

Doc Higgins and Alistair push the bicycle up to the very top of Knox Mountain. Ok Alistair now hold tight onto the bicycle until I fix my Speedos I don’t want to saw the ballox off myself peddling down the hill. I’ll just sit on the bike Doc to stop it from moving.  Hey Doc the bike is slipping the weights are dragging me down the hill, Alistair hold on. I can’t Doc its running down the hill. Don’t let go Alistair, I’m trying not to Doc. Alistair don’t fecking touch the buttons on the flux capacitor. These buttons Doc, oh no they started changing, shouted Alistair.  Alistair is frantically pushing the buttons to get them to stop changing. As he is picking up speed, oh no it’s at 80Km and getting faster Doc. Hold on Alistair. It’s at 88Km Doc aaaaah!

With a flash of lighting and smoke Alistair vanished. Oh Ballox how am I going to explain this to Nora, said Doc Higgins.

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