Message from a Hostel – As they say in Monaghan

Thomas CranmerWhen Nora and the Manager stepped outside the room the Manager suggested that Nora should not give away as much information as she might know about King Henry VIII and his six wives. As all of these events were in his future.

“We will need to play this one close to our chest Nora. I figure the Archbishop is hesitant in telling the King about us for some reason. I’m not sure as to why, but we might be able to play this out to our advantage. He is anxious to find out where we have come from and if we really have any magical powers,” said the Manager.

“Feck him,” replied Nora. “We will keep feeding him full of bullshit and see what happens.”

“Well Nora we might very well do that, but let us buy time until the Doc can get here. So we don’t get burnt as witches in the meantime. Come on Nora and let’s go back into the room to hear what other questions the Archbishop has for us,” said the Manager.

“We just needed to have some girl time, if you get my meaning Archbishop,” said the Manager.

“Yes we were talking about things you men would not understand,” added Nora.

“You were asking about this contraption Archbishop,” continued the Manager.

“Yes,” replied Archbishop Cranmer. “I am curious to understand what magical powers it holds and can anyone control such a machine.”

“It’s called a ‘Higulator,’ invented by the famous Doc Higgins. The Lord and High King of Navan. A most wise and generous King,” replied the Manger.

“Oh! you’re not bias at all then Manager?” laughed Nora. Yes, the famous Doc Higgins, Lord and High King of the back of beyond in Navan. It might not be long before we can introduce King Navan man to you Archie boy.”

“I feel I’m more interested in how this Higulator works Lady Catherine?” asked the Archbishop.

“It can only be operated my myself or Lady Nora,” replied the Manager. “It is a very difficult and lengthy process to get it started and working, it could take hours.”

“You did not seem to take that long when you were back in my court room. In fact you both just held the contraption and you disappeared. I fear you may not be honest with me here Lady Catherine,” replied the Archbishop.

“Well you see Archie Boy, in the court room the Higulator was already switched on and warmed up. As we say in Monaghan’ like a wh**e in a brothel,” said Nora.

“I think I may have to extract inform for your both by our traditional methods,” replied the Archbishop. He then shouted for his guards to come into the room and remove the Higulator.

“My good ladies, more persuasive methods might be called for. To extract  the answers I required,” said the Archbishop.

To be continued………


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