Message from a Hostel- Archie the big boss

Ladies in waiting“Lady Catherine, I think you have come up with a clever plan, but separating from Rome will not be easy,” said the Archbishop. “There is much treachery in your plan. Rome will not take this lying down. This could mean many wars, both now and in the future.”

The Manager replied, “if it is to be, it will be.”

“Listen Archie me man, if Henry VIII wants to have his way with as many wives as he likes the only way to do this is to protest to Rome. Old red socks will never grant him a divorce. The only way will be for Henry to set up his own church. The good news is, Archie my good man you will be the big boss. Mr. number one, head buccaneer,” said Nora.“I think that calls for a celebration with an old bottle of the Molly Dooker- Miss Manager what say you?”

“You have the Kings attention now and given the reluctance from Rome to grant his divorce, I fear he may take your option and cut Rome off altogether. We should head back to my Manor and wait for further word from the King,” said the Archbishop.

Alastair’s cell phone rang. It was the Doc. “Hey Al my man, I’ll pick you up in 5 minutes. We will go up to the El Dorado and see if we can find James Bond and drag him back here. We will then all set off back in time. I have being chawin’ a while and Al we might take Bond back to 1533, you never know he might come in useful.”

“Rock on Doc I’ll see you in 5,” replied Alastair.

To be continued……


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