Message from a hostel – Application Form for a Marriage Certificate

Alistair I have being asked to provide some details about us in this marriage application form, so this is what I have written.

I am called Nora after my father’s cousin Nora who died when she was 6 years old from appendicitis. My grandmother had picked her name and no one ever picked up the name again until I was born and my mother surprised everyone at my baptism with Nora Peggy Joan – my two grannies are Peggy and Joan. Well the deceased Nora’s family always said they would come to my wedding – I really don’t know them at all – well (dead) Nora’s sister Alice came to the my wedding. I felt very honoured and moved. Interestingly when I was 12 I almost died from a burst appendicitis. My appendix was burst for maybe 12 hours before they operated on me. I remember lying in the hospital and thinking this was it – I was dying and being very happy – not at all upset that I would die. That experience gives me confidence that it’s not that big of a deal really.

What will you write Alistair on your part of the application form, asked Nora.

I will write I fell off my bike when I was 3 years old and my knee really hurt for 24 hours. I thought that my leg would fall off but did not really care as I had another one. I am called Alistair after a movie star Alistair Sim. When my granny heard my name she was shocked as she want to have me name Bruce – after my dead uncle Jack who died when he was 107. None of my parents or grandparent came to my wedding – so there is no point in mentioning this on the certificate as I might get upset.

Sound good to me Alistair, replied Nora. I put the application in the post today.


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