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Message from a Hostel – 15 Dirty Trees

SONY DSCThe Doc hooked his iPhone up to the plasma screen and switched on the recording. The video recording showed the Manager and Nora appearing and disappearing several times. “Al, we are going to have to slow this recording right down. I think the Manager and Nora are trying to say or tell us something.”

“Al, you work the controls and move the recording frame by frame. I’ll see if I can make out what the feck they are saying.” As the Doc watched the recording, sure enough the Manager was mouthing out something every time she appeared.

“What are they saying Doc?” asked Alistair.

“Nora, I think is saying ‘Ye Haw’ ‘Ye Haw’, replied the Doc.

“The Manger is saying something about a Henry eating something and 15 dirty trees. I’m not sure yet, you’ll have to adjust the speed a little Al.”

“Do you think they are trying to tell us where they are Doc?  I never heard of ‘Ye Haw ‘ ‘Ye Haw’. Do you think Nora is saying You Ha! You Ha!? I got it Doc, they are in Utah USA. Nora is visiting the Young Living  Oil Factory,” said Alistair with great excitement.

“I don’t think Nora is saying You ha! or Utah. I don’t think Nora is trying to tell us where they are at all. I think Nora is just having fun on the broom stick Al,” replied the Doc. “Now let me figure out what the Manager is on about.”

“The Manager is talking about eating 15 dirty trees or something.  I think my Nora is telling us they are in Utah,” replied Alistair.

“Holy feck,” shouted Doc. “It’s not, Henry eating 15 dirty trees. I got it. Look Al what the Manager is trying to tell us.”

To be continued…….


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