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Message from a Hostel –Parking Meters

Time is Up

Alistair what is all this studying you are doing?  Nora it is for the exam I have to take later today for a job with the city council.  Did you know Nora, that Holger George Thuesen and Gerald A. Hale designed the first working parking meter, the Black Maria.  And the world’s first installed parking meter was in Oklahoma City USA on July 16, 1935.

That’s very interesting Alistair don’t let all of those interesting facts clutter you little head.  Nora I have to know this stuff if I am going to sit the test.

Later that day

Well Alistair how did you get on in your exam?  I didn’t pass it Nora here is my test paper. It seems they did not think my answers would suit if I was dealing with the general public.

Officer of the Parking Meters City Enforcement Agency

General Public Response Examination

An Officer of the Parking Meters City Enforcement Agency shall be denoted as (PMCEAO)

Member of the General Public shall be denoted as (MGP)

  • Please answer clearly and distinctly as to the possible response you would reply to the statements made by members of the general public as you carry out your daily work duties for the city.
  • Please remember when giving your written response you are acting under the professional code and standards.
  • Even though a member of the general public may get very abusive you must at all times refrain from any negative reaction.

The correct process is always to maintain you composure and walk away to check the next meter.

Test Rules

You have 10 minutes to answer the following six questions (should you run out of time please vacate your seat or extend you exam time by adding an additional 5cent to your desk meter.

Participants Name (Print)   Alistair Shackleton -Jones

Signature                                     Alistair Shackleton -Jones 


No. 1 MGP          Hey Buddy why did you stick that ticket on my windscreen … asshole

As a PMCEAO You would Respond

You were not here at the time sir so I had nowhere else to stick it

No. 2 MGP        Hey asshole come on give me a break the meter is only 2 minutes out why are you giving me a ticket?

As a PMCEAO You would Respond

Give that excuse to a bomb disposal unit

No. 3MGP        Hey I just went into the bank to get change for the meter and now you giving me a ticket, what sort of an asshole are you?

As a PMCEAO You would Respond

You better go back and get more change to paid for your fine

No. 4MGP       Hey thanks for the ticket buddy why don’t you get a real job, have a nice day you jerk?

As a PMCEAO You would Respond

I have a great job thanks I bring happiness and excitement to my customers  don’t forget to tell your friends  where to park

No. 5 MGP       Hey Buddy  I swear I put my money in and nothing happened, you….

As a PMCEAO You would Respond

What did you think it was a gum ball machine?

No. 6 MGP      Hey gives us a break buddy, my friend just died

As a PMCEAO You would Respond

And so did your meter it says EXPIRED


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