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Message from a Hostel –Happy Birthday to Me

Purr Purr

Listen to this Nora if it’s your birthday you get your meal for free here, where do you see that Alistair.  Here on the menu, I have also seen it advertised about other places as well Nora.  Tell the waitress it’s your birthday Alistair and you’ll get your meal for free, but it’s not my birthday Nora and it says that you need to show proof.

It reads – have your birthday meal here and eat for free.  But there is a catch Alastair, there is always a catch.  They are hoping that you will bring all your friends with you and the cost of their meals and with the automatic 17% service charge for large numbers not to mention the HST stuff, which will cover the one free meal.  Who are they kidding Alistair, what’s is that saying “there no such thing as a free meal”?

I know what we will do on my birthday Alistair, I‘ll just go on my own and eat for nothing and bring no friends with me.  If I start off really early in the day I could go to several restaurants and have several free meals.  What about me Nora?  Sure I’ll get take out boxes and bring some food home. But Nora, who will sing you the happy birthday song and watch you blow out the candles.  I can sing it to myself – your missing the point Alistair it’s the free meal we are after.

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday dear Nora, Happy Birthday to me – you see Alistair all sorted and on your birthday we can both go won’t that do, Happy Birthday to me

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