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Message from a Hostel – Take a Day off

Take a day off

I don’t often say this but you are right Nora, what are you on about Alastair?  Everyone should just take a day off and relax more. That is what I have been saying Alistair.  Yes Nora they should do something for themselves, something new or something they have always wanted to do but they never made the time. Telling themselves “I’m too busy” or “I don’t have the time”

Yes Alistair, all this running around stuff like getting onto the internet, answering emails, mobile phones, looking at Facebook and on Skype.  Everyone should take a day off from all that stuff and enjoy life.  Now Alistair don’t make a meal out of this and write 10 pages about it, very one will get it just write take the day off.

Exactly Nora you are so right, let’s take the day off.  Just a minute Alistair, I am finishing Skype with Biddie, texting Auntie M emailing the nurse in London and closing down my Facebook.

Hey Nora it is important that you spell things correctly on the internet, I just missed spelt hotmail – wow look at this stuff Nora – oh no it’s OK Nora I’m shutting it down

LET’S TAKE THE DAY OFF – and what about YOU?

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