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Message from a Hostel – Settling into the White House

"No Over here a bit"

“Alistair I think it was better that Obama won the US presidential election”.

“Why is that Nora”

“It would take the Romney fellow ages, to learn everything”

“Well Nora, it seemed to me Romney knows a lot about a lot of things”

“But Alistair, they were all saying on TV that it would take Romney at least 18 months to settle into the White House.  Sure Obama knows all the names of the staff in the White House and where the toilets are, and which toilet doesn’t really flush properly and where everything is in the Kitchen and what rooms need re-painting and all that stuff. Not to mention that plane he flies around in, Air force One, Obama knows how to work all the buttons.”

“I think you may have a point there Nora. Simple things, like where they keep the lawn mower and all that.”


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