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Message from a Hostel – No Business like Snow Business

Snow Patrol

Canada is full of snow Alistair and where there is snow there is dough.  What do you say we get into snow business?  Snow business, what like selling snow to the Canadians Nora.  No Alistair clearing snow away from people’s houses.  Shovelling snow and making sure the paths are clear so people don’t slip.

We can make lots of snowmen and just leave them on the footpaths Nora, we can place a collection box beside them.  Alistair I am serious about this, the Canadians are fed up shovelling snow and they have been doing it forever.  What would you call the business Nora?  Well Alistair I have been thinking of a catchy slogan we could put on the side of our van.  Just above Alistair & Nora’s Snow Removal Service.  What about some of these slogans?

  • Snow way to go
  • The only Snow in town
  • It is Snow joke
  • Snowfall we all fall
  • Balls and Snowballs
  • Slip sliding your way
  • Snow me the way to get home

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