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Message from a Hostel – Man made beer and God made grass who do you trust?

Who do you trust?

Well Alistair these Munchkins seem to have very strict laws on beer drinking, what do you mean Nora?  Alistair you can’t have beer at an outdoor concert, you can’t have beer with your BBQ on the beach or at a public park, you can’t have an open beer on the street or a bottle of liquor that has been opened in your car.  Every place we go we get asked for ID – well I do get asked, Alistair they seem to know you are over 21.  On the other hand everywhere we go we get the smell of grass being smoked, everyone is growing it in their back room and smoking it.  It would knock you over Alistair with smell of the stuff on the street and the Yellow Brick Road RMCP don’t seem to mind.  I think Alistair you should give up the beer and we should try this stuff.  I don’t think so Nora I will stick with the odd beer or two.  Alistair man made beer and God made grass who do you trust?

Why Nora I think you should copyright that slogan and stick it on a T-Shirt, I think it was done before Alistair- I will have to think of a new slogan for T-Shirts.

Just because something might have been said or done before it does not mean that YOU could not say or do it better.

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