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Message from a Hostel – At the North Pole with Santa

“Well enough time spent talking with you all. I have my Christmas run to do.  If ye want to hang around here at the North Pole, I’ll see you when I get back,” said Santa.  With that Santa Claus left and headed off in the direction of his toy factory.

“I’ll need a day or so to fix the Higulator so we might as well hang around here. It will take us an hour or two to walk over to Santa’s house and if we are lucky Mrs. Claus might cook us something to ate,” said Doc. “So if ye are coming, let’s get walking.  Al my man, will you and James Bond carry the Higulator and I’ll fix it at Santa’s workshop.  I am sure he will have all the gear I might need.”

“Right ladies you can keep me warn on the walk,” said Hig.  “Lie in beside me here, one on each arm girls.”

When they all arrived at Santa’s house, Mrs. Claus welcomed them in. “Father Christmas told me to expect you lot. He said that ye would not be long behind him and ye might be needin’ a feed,” said Mrs. Claus.  “I think I remember some of you as little children on the Naughty and Nice list. Yes, you two Higgins, Father Christmas mentioned what you got up too little Joe. Now sit down and I’ll serve up some grub. Girls here are some jumpers that you could put on to keep those chests of yours warm and out of sight.”

They all sat down and enjoyed a great meal. Even Mrs. Claus pulled out a bottle of the old Mollydooker, which delighted the Doc and James Bond.  “Hey Hig get used to this Mollydooker wine you might even buy the winery when you end up in Canada,” laughed the Doc.

The following day Santa came back from his Christmas deliveries and slept all day. That evening Santa meet up with Doc Higgins and Alistair in the workshop where the Doc was repairing his Higulator. James Bond, the Hig, Miss Mary Goodnight and Miss Pussy Galore all sat around the fire drinking Mollydooker and listening to James Bond telling his tales of  adventure. The Hig had his ‘choke out’ and was telling tales of Kerry with the Pecker Dunne.

“Well Doc how are the repairs going?” asked Santa.

“Going well, Santa.  I’m trying to sort out the feckin’ time zone dials and make sure when I set them they don’t keep slipping into new time zones as we are travelling,” replied Doc.

“I used to have trouble like that some time back but now I use this little beauty the ‘time holder’ and Santa produced a small box with a digital touch screen.  Here Doc have this and see if we can get it to connect to your Higulator,” said Santa. Santa, the Doc and Alistair spent the next few hours working on the Higulator’s time panel.

“I think that’s it Santa.  One last test on your ‘time holder’ and we are already for the off. I’ll have this lazy crew out of your hair and leave you in peace,” said the Doc.

“Yes,” replied Alistair. “Let’s drop James Bond, Hig and his two ladies back in 1970 and we can go home to the manager and Nora.”

To be continued……

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