Who decides the measures of success in your life?

Who or what are you comparing yourself too?

Ask yourself why you are making these comparisons?

Stop right now and ask yourself what is important to you, and who is important to you  in your life?

The truth is you, and you alone, decide the measures of success in your life – no one else. Stop comparing yourself to others as you are unique and beautiful. There is no one else like you in this world, we are all made different and special.

We often spend our time worrying what people think of us and then finally realize that it really does not matter. Remember – what others think about you is none of your business, what you think about you is.

You set your own measures of success in this life. Tell yourself how great you are, love yourself, and tell those that matter in your life they are important to you and that you care for them. Don’t wait just do it now.

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