While listening to the radio this morning I heard Mike Nesbitt a Northern Ireland Politician making a comment along the lines that all the children who will be born on the island of Ireland no matter what part of the island they are born on, each have a spark of creativity within them. The role of a Politician must be to take accountability to ensure that these sparks are allowed to grow and come through. This will be achieved by creating a better place for them to grow up in. Well said Mike – and I hope your objective will be met. I have often used the phase “If only we asked kids how creative they were instead of their age think of how creative we would be”. To focus on what is right and to deliver on it is vital for us all to create that future for our children. These children will be tasked as well with taking care of ecah other and the world they live in as we are today. Those that show creativity have always contributed in this world and have lead to our progress, no matter how small.

Given the current state of politics on this island and the behaviour of many politician there is more of a chance that the words of Mike will not even reach the surface of any discussion among them. The “Me Factor” are the sparks that are encourage in Government and allowed to grow by the majority of our current politicians. This week again more and more people will loose their jobs and suffer hardship. There is not one piece of creativity within the Government. Except their “Me Factor” and we are ok and time will pass so let’s hope we get through it. So how will these politicians deliver on your objective Mike for the children of the future?

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  1. Hi Mel, Am delighted to be a follower of yours. Anyway regarding the poloiticians and creativity. Always remember the media agenda is to undermine our democracy and the people’s faith in politicians. These people get paid to do this and when asked to provide creative solutions they have nothing to offer. AS George Lee found out when his feet were put to the fire, he as a classic Hurler on the ditch ran!

    NAMA will proove to be an innovative a nd part of the creative solution to our trouble here in Ireland. It will make a fortune for the state in time. We don’t as yet no how long but it will. We’ve to survive and be positive and not let the begrudgers and hurlers on the ditch drag us down. I know you to be a creative and positive person so I hope you’ll use this blog to create the positive atmosphere amongst your followers and re hash the down message we get from the media. And remember whilst the unemployement figures are high 8% of the population, 92% are working! That’s creativity! Kieran

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