Making Training Happen –Part 1

Unless learning is valued and evaluated in your business making training happen will always be an uphill struggle. Organisations whose learning is not equal to or greater than the rate of change within their environment will find it difficult to survive.

6 Ways to recognise that learning is not valued in a Company

  1. Training budgets are one of the first to get cut
  2. Employees are not release for training events – excuses are made
  3. Common mantra “I was sent on this course”
  4. Evaluation of the training is not sought or not produced
  5. Individuals training needs are not considered
  6. High turnover of staff


6 Methods for Training Managers to rectify and make training happen in a Company

  1. Accurate individual training needs analysis
  2. Greater emphasis on what should be trained rather than a sheep dip approach
  3. Clear action on the implementation of the learning received
  4. Brand and market training as a must have product within your business
  5. Produce and communicate return on investments (ROI)
  6. Use all group business meetings as learning opportunities and communicate the learning


Make learning fun

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