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I got the opportunity the other night to attend a charity event in Oram Co Monaghan the home town of Big Tom McBride.  The entertainment was provided by friends of Big Tom and of course Big Tom himself. During the event Big Tom called a couple from County Clare onto the stage.  This couple had travelled over for the evening and it turned out that they attended all of Big Toms gigs all over Ireland.  Big Tom presented them with a large celebration cake.  The reason for the celebration, told by the woman of how her husband had call on her several times many years ago and asked her to go out walking, she refused every time.  Until one day 34 years ago he called again to her home and said that he had got the new 8 track cassette of Big Tom music and would she like to listen to it with him.  On this occasion she said yes and they have been together ever since thanks to Big Tom.  Big Tom said he was delighted to make a little difference in people’s lives and loved the story they told of how through his music they can come together and stayed together all those years.  Well done Big Tom.

One of Big Tom’s famous recording is “The same way you came in” worth a listen as the words are very true. You listen and see it on YouTube (sorry the embedding was disabled by request)

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