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Looking to the Distance

Its far away the new and distance day

Its difficult to be in the now and stay

Wanting what is wished for is in the future

What you have is in the now

Examine your thoughts and focus your direction

See what is in front of you and what you have been given

Do not stray to seek what you have not

What you have is in the now

What we seek we have it now

Yet what we have we may ignore

What you have is what you got

What you have is in the now

What is here is for you to cherish

Not wishing for something that might not come

What you can do is live in the now

What you have will see you right

Seek to explore what you have in the now

Seek to pay it the attention that it may need

Listen to your thoughts for they are in the now

What you have is the beauty of you


                    Take notice of the colour

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